Artificial Kidney Department (Dialysis)

The Dialysis Center at Parakh Hospital hosts 15 artificial kidney (dialysis) machines enabling approximately 1000 hemodialysis cycles, monthly, at Parakh Hospital. One of the founders of Parakh Hospital, Dr. Narendra Dedhia, is also one of the principal architects of the Bombay Model of Dialysis which makes dialysis facility more accessible for the poor with the highest possible quality.

Additionally, with the help of the urology department at Parakh Hospital we are able to deliver complete care for kidney stone problems; from routine evaluations to complex procedures such as ureteroscopy.

Parakh Hospital is also certified to conduct kidney transplant procedures.

Under the aegis of one of our founder’s, Dr. Narendra Dedhia the Bombay model of dialysis was established. A Tithi scheme has been adopted under this model through which donations made to the Vishwas Hospital Trust (and many others) are used to help the poor avail of regular dialysis cycles.

The concept of the Tithi Scheme was borrowed from religious sites where in Dr. Dedhia noted that donations people made to such institutions were done so as to remember people on their birthday, anniversary or on their death anniversary. He applied this idea to solving the plight of poor patients in need of regular dialysis. The biggest innovation however lies in his idea that instead of using the donation amount (which remains untouched), the trust uses the interest it generates in providing people with free or subsidized dialysis every year on that particular Tithi on the behalf of the donor. This has made dialysis in Parakh Hospital, under Dr. Narendra Dedhia, one of the economical in the India.

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