CME Education

The Continuing Medical Education mission at Parakh Hospital is to:

  • Improve the knowledge, competence and performance of physicians in all represented specialties of medicine and surgery.
  • Identify the professional practice gaps of the medical staff that might be addressed through the CME process.
  • Design and implement CME activities that present valid content which is unbiased, evidence-based, and free of commercial interest.
  • Enhance clinician performance to achieve institutional patient safety and performance improvement goals, as well as individual goals of maintenance of certification and re-licensure.
  • Evaluate changes in physician competence and performance as a result of the CME process, using both quantitative and qualitative measures

By doing so, the CME program mission serves to support the overall mission of Parakh Hospital and its staff, that is, to enhance the quality of life for all our patients by providing the highest quality patient care and to advance the overall practice of medicine in our community.