Health Professionals

# Doctor Specialty OPD Days Timings
1 Dr.Narendra Dedhia Nephrologist Mon-Fri 8-11am, 5-8pm
2 Dr.Amish Udani Pediatric Nephrologist Mon,Wed,Fri 4-6pm
3 Dr.Dina Dedhia Anesthesiologist O.T Mon-Sat
4 Dr.Sanjay Mehta Obstetrics and Gynaecology Mon,Wed,Fri 12-2pm, 5-8pm
5 Dr.J.T.Shah Gynaecologist Tue,Thur,Sat 12-2pm, 5-8pm
6 Dr.Sadhna Shah ENT Specialist Mon-Fri 12-2pm
7 Dr.Santosh Mishra Medical Director,Intensivist Mon-Sat 9am-7pm
8 Dr.K.P.Dave Psychiatrist Mon-Sat 10am-12pm
9 Dr. Bharat Kamath Laproscopist Surgeon Mon-Sat 2-4pm
10 Dr.Arvind Goregaonkar Orthopedics Surgeon Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri 6-8pm
11 Dr.Ranjan Burnwal Orthopedics Surgeon Mon-Wed-F 8-9pm
12 Dr.Shruti Ghatalia Pediatrics Mon-Sat 10am-12noon
13 Dr.Chirag Desai Dermatologist Mon-Sat 11pm-1pm
14 Dr.Ashit Shah Orthopaedics kNEE Surgeon. On call 5pm-7pm
15 Dr.Milind More General Surgeon Mon-sat 6pm-8pm
16 Dr.Jignesh Gandhi General Surgeon On call 5pm-7pm
17 Dr.Amit Garg Cardiologist Tue-t-sat 8pm-10pm
18 Dr.Sarfaraz Chowdhary Pathologist Mon-Sat 5pm-7pm
19 Dr.Mamta Chedda Cosmetologist (Skin) Mon,Wed, Sat 4-6pm
20 Dr. Hitendra Patil Onco-Surgeon Mon,Wed,Fri 2pm-4pm
21 Dr.Vijay Kulkarni Andrologist Friday 11am-1pm
22 Dr. Mihir Raut M.D.physician Tue,Sat 6PM-8PM, 10-12AM
23 Dr. Aftab Ansari Andrologist Sat 2-3pm
24 Dr. Mitesh Shah Pediatrician Tue, Thur, Sat 4.30pm to 5.30pm
25 Dr. Ajay Thakkar Orthopedic Surgeon Thur 5pm-6pm
26 Dr. Shraddha Doshi Diabetologist Mon-Sat 10am-12pm
27 Dr.Sanjay Patil IVF Specialist Mon.Thu On Call
28 Dr.Prashant Ghute &
Radiologist Mon-Sat  
29 Dr.Ravindra Hodarkar Urologist   On Call
30 Dr. R.Mahajan Urologist   On Call
31 Dr. S.Shashank Neurologist   On Call
32 Dr.S.Shenoy Neurosurgeon   On Call
33 Dr. Jitendra Ajmera Physician   On Call
34 Dr. Manisha Bhatt Physician   On Call
35 Dr. Chetan Velani Physician   On Call
36 Dr. Kumar Doshi Chest Physician   On Call
37 Dr.Tejal Shah Chest Physician   On Call
38 Dr. Jitesh Desai Cardiologist   On Call
39 Dr. Mukesh Parekh Cardiologist   On Call
40 Dr. Dharit Mehta Orthopedic Surgeon   On Call
41 Dr. Russy Bhalla General Surgeon   On Call
42 Dr.Manoj Kamdar General Surgeon   On Call
43 Dr. Hema Purandare Med & Repro Geneticist    
44 Dr. Priti S. Mehta Ante & Post  Natal Fitness Consultant   On Call
45 Dr.Urvi Mehta Physiotherapist   On Call 10am -12
46 Dr. Hetal Chinniwalla Arthroscopist   On Call
47 Mrs Somya Peru Dietician   On Call
48 Dr Amit Ghanekar Oncologist   On Call
49 Dr Niranjan Rathod Heamato-Oncologist   On Call


“Request you to kindly call on 67827000/1 to book appointment in advance as Doctor’s availability is not always guaranteed”