Operation Theatre and ICU

At Parakh Hospital we have a centrally monitored, modern ICCU and ICU with an Intensivist attending to the patients 24 hours a day. Our state of the art ICU has the capability to deliver renal care within the ICU with features such as hemodialysis available within the ICU itself. To complement this facility of ours we also have two operation theaters within Parakh Hospital with an in house anesthesiologist.

We have two sophisticated operation theaters with hepa filter, laminar air flow and vinyl joint-less flooring in order to maintain the quality of the facility. Additionally, operation theater also has:-

  • Motorised OT table
  • Trident OT LED lights
  • Storz Endoscopy unit
  • C-arm with lithotripsy unit
  • Valley lab cautery machine
  • State-of-art anesthesia machine
  • Harmonic scalpel

These facilities enable the doctors at Parakh Hospital to conduct any and all forms of major and supra major surgeries.