Dr. Atul Gattani

Consultant Rheumatologist

All kinds of Rheumatological problems under the guidance of Rheumatologist

  • All types of Arthritis (Joint Pain And Swelling),Rheumatoid Arthritis,Seronegative Arthritis (High Uric Acid),Low Back
  • Pain,Generalized Body Pains,Skin rash with Hair loss (SLE)¬†rheumatoid¬†Factor and ANA Positive.
  • Recurrent Abortions (APLA Syndrome),Vasculitis,Scleroderma,Dermatomyositis,Bone Infection(PUO),Recurrent infections In Childrens (Primary Immunodeficiency ),Osteoarhristis,Fibromyalgia,Joint Pain And Arthritis In Children