Orthopaedics is the medical specialty that focuses on injuries and diseases of your body's musculoskeletal system. This complex system, which includes your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves, allows you to move, work, and be active.

At Parakh Hospital we run a fully equipped OT assisting our senior orthopaedic department. We have successfully completed over 800 joint replacement surgeries. Furthermore, our centre is equipped to handle trauma cases and spine surgeries as well as orthopaedic endoscopic surgeries like arthroscopy, spinal endoscopy etc.

We carry out paediatrics orthopaedic surgeries for Cerebral palsy, congenital deformity, and spinal surgery with the aid of our C- ARM machine in our two fully equipped operation theatres. 

Our exhaustive orthopaedic care centre is aided further by our physiotherapy department that helps in the complete recovery of the patient. 


Completed over 800 joint replacement surgeries

Rehabilitation assistance post surgery available with physiotherapy setup

Spinal and endoscopic surgeries also conducted

C-Arm along with two full equipped operation theatres enable all supra major surgeries as well



Dr. Ranjan Burnwal
Dr. Ajay Thakkar
Dr. Dharit Mehta